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Call reporting for the your Return on Investment reports

Dont Waste Money"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted the trouble is, I don't know which half"
- John Wanamaker

AdWatchdog is a call reporting system which allows you to track your incoming calls to adverts advertising campaigns accurately. With a 086 word or numeric numbers provided by us you can improve your advertising quickly by knowing your ROI (Return on Investment) in real time.

Calling all business owners, marketing managers & advertising agencies!


- Unsure if your ads are working.
- Need to reduce advertising expenditure.
- Have no effective way of monitoring ads.
- Sales staff are not following through with asking clients how they heard about you.
- Not sure what sales your website is generating.
- You need to report to the Exco team on effectiveness of advertising spend.
- Not sure if your ad agency is advising you correctly on marketing spend.

Ad Watch Dog Tracking Software
Then Adwatchdog is your solution! Marketers are embracing new technologies that make it easier to track audience response to advertisements. Shouldn't you?

- Monitor the performance of advertising campaigns
- Gather information about your incoming callers
- Build a database

A word number and call routing solution can cost from as little as R 85 per destination per month.

Please note that each solution is specifically developed to each clients specifications and that the final costing is based on number of destinations, voice artist requirements, frequency of call reporting as well as the expected traffic which will be generated.

Please note that the cost of each call made to an 0861 telephone number will remain with the caller, even once it is routed

1. Accurate decisions on future marketing spend.

2. Reduce unnecessary advertising expenses.

3. Build potential list of clients from the call report.

4. Allows you to predict consumer behaviour.

5. Monitor response to all branches/franchises.

6. Compare closing ratio to incoming ratio.

7. Monitor the success of your advertising agency.

A call report captures all calls received from your 086 number and enables you to monitor call statistics ensuring accurate decision makind. Word Numbers SA offers this service free of charge to clients.

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