Word Numbers SA is a unique Telecommunications organisation that provides small to large South African organisations/franchise with tailored solutions (word numbers, advanced call routing & informative call reporting) that assists clientele to increase their returns fro advertising. In addition, solutions heighten customer satisfaction, efficiency of processes, financial accountability of marketing spend, and stimulates market share growth. Our aim is to provide a quality and technology advanced product and a quality personalised service.

Word Numbers was established in 2008 by a dynamic entrepreneurial father and son team, Glenn & Mark Pratt.

Their Concept was initially based on providing SME organisations with a unique and affordable marketing tool - an intelligent nationwide call routing and sophisticated call centre on a SME budget. A system that would facilitate customer success by giving SME's a highly effective marketing, communications and customer acquisition channel.

Little did Mark and Glenn know their business concept would be instrumental in transforming the telecom into a overnight contact centre host, revolutionising the local business process outsourcing industry; and that the product/service offering would have sufficient functionality by 2010 to make an impactful difference to large companies.

In realising their vision, the first step involved purchasing 600 ,maxicall numbers, from 0861-PLUMBER to 0861-TAXICAB. In order to allow word Numbers to allocate one number to multiple clients and to switch the caller to an area of their choice, Telkom immersed themselves i developing and perfecting the technology offered, with Word Numbers alongside perfecting their business model.

Over the years the technology/functionality has been developed and enhance to meet clients unique needs and in 2010 has reached a stage where the functionality is now suitable for large corporate's.

Glenn Pratt has been in business for over 30 years ad franchising since 1989, winning multiple awards such as Newcomer Franchisor of the Year on several occasions. He has a passion for marketing and brand awareness.

Hi son and partner, Mark, is a chartered Accountant and brings a wealth of financial and technical skills to the company.

Having been involved in various service industry businesses, Glenn Pratt, whom is also the founder of The Drain Surgeon, knew how important telephone numbers are, so when easy-to-remember word telephone numbers became available in South Africa, he jumped at the opportunity to get word telephone numbers for the various services in which he was involved.

After enjoying the found benefits of the word telephone numbers and realising how successful they were throughout the world, the father and son team established Word Numbers and realising how successful they were throughout the world, the father and son team established Word Numbers SA in 2004 and proceeded to obtain the most requested generic word telephone numbers, making them available as important marketing tools for companies across the country.

We seek a complete holistic understanding of a clients needs and infrastructure prior to recommending a solution ("walking a mile in our clients shoes"). The tailored solution proposed will therefore fit within the clients unique model accordingly.

We have best partners in Telkom and Intelleca. We work alongside our technology partners to provide you, our service, with a truly enhanced world-class product.

Our business is small, personalised and highly specialised, enabling us to provide clients with a efficient and swift service. In fact, each enquiry that is logged will be viewed by the Director personally.

Free electronic call reports submitted to the client at agreed timelines
Consulting with clients on how to market a Word Number effectively
Regular communication relating to technology enhancements


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