Word Numbers frequently asked questions


What is a word number?

A Word Number is an 086 telephone number that spells out a word and can be dialled from both a land line or a cell phone. Your product, service or company name can now become your telephone number!


How does it work in terms of getting the number and utilising it?

Word Numbers orders the 0861 word number which takes approximately 35 working days to receive. Suring the waiting period, all the development and voice recordings on our platform, are seen to. On receipt of the word telephone number, activation is applied and testing is carried out. (Complete within a few hours)


What is a destination?

Destinations are those business sites, call centres or branches to which you want calls routed to.


How quickly can I get one?

It takes approximately 35 working days, from date of order, to receive the number.


Could I route my word number to more than one land line number?

Yes, with dynamic menu or geographical routing.


Can I have more than one word number routed to the same land line number?

Yes, for example: 0861 - WORD NUMBERS is routed through to 012 342 3193


Can I divert my land line to cell number/ported number?

Yes, this is done directly through Telkom Once you divert, you will carry the cost of the diverted portion of the call.


What is the cost

Every solution is prepared on an individual basis, based on the requirements of the client


Can I route to cell phone / ported number?

Yes, cellular numbers can be used as destinations


What is the difference between 0800 / 0860 / 0861 numbers

The only difference lies with who pays for the cost of the call. The three services have exactly the same functionality.

With FreeCall 080 the called party pays for the full cost of the call.

With ShareCall 0860 the caller and the called party share the cost of the call.

With MaxiCall 0861 the caller pays for the full cost of the call.


Is my number available?

Please give us a call 0861 WORD NUMBERS or drop us an e-mail e-mail so that we may check on the availability.


How does it work contractually?

Our contracts run on a choice of 12 / 24 / 36 months, with automatic roll over. Should you with to terminate the contract, one calendar month's notice period is required.


What is required for me to proceed with getting a word number?

On your approval of proposal discussed or mailed to you, the contract and banking details will be forwarded to you for completion. On receipt of both the contract and once off Registration fee, your word number will be ordered.


Do I have to use voice or can I route directly through to land line number?

You need not utilise the welcome voice recording. The caller is able to be routed directly through to land line you provide.


How often could I receive my call reports?

Ordinarily, once a month. Should you require reports more frequently, that too can be arranged


May I pay via EFT?

Debit orders are preferable, yet EFT's are also accepted.


How Do You Call Phone Numbers that Are Words (Wordnumbers) on a BlackBerry?

I've had my Blackberry for about 2 weeks now and I love this thing, but yesterday I stumbled upon my first "problem" with the Pearl. I had a number to dial in which part of the number was provided as a word, 0861-PLUMBER. Since the Pearl doesn't have the letters in place that correspond to a typical telephone, I wasn't able to dial the number - I thought. I later found out that all I needed to do was, press and hold the alt key and type PLUMBER after the 0861. Easy.