Take your telephone number wherever you go
Could lose your number if you move outside your current area
No equipment is needed, our system works hand-in-hand with your current setup
Expensive capital outlay for equipment
Turnaround Times
Activation, changes& call reports can be supplied on a real-time basis
Approximately 10-15 working days
Transfer to multiple destinations
Up to 180 destinations throughout the country
Our closest competitor can only route call made from cell phones to maximum of 5 predetermined destinations, for example the entire 02 area code can only have one destination
Call Routing
Yes, with customised menu
Limited Features - no menu
Caller Recognition
Our technology is able to identify whether your client has called your number before and short cut the entire menu if desired
Caller can Select from a menu, e.g. Press 1 for Western Cape, Press 2 for Eastern Cape, etc.
No Menu offered
Selection Menu levels
1 to 4 different levels
No Menu offered
Customer can select which region they would like to be transferred to
Yes, it also demonstrates all available options
No, system picks up on which area you are in and transfers you to closest region - problematic for customers who are traveling i another region e.g. 011 vs 021
Customized selection menus, e.g. Please select 1 for 24 hour assistance, Select 2 for roadside assistance, etc.
No Menu
Free Management Call Reports
Yes - on real-time basis
No, reports are charged for and could only be available weeks after your campaign has ended
Personalised Service
Routing cell phone calls
Cell phone calls can only be routed to one allocated region, so if you have more branches in 011 region it can only route to one of them
Call Routing Cost
Cost remains with the caller
Cost of call once the call is switched is for the company